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Some information about who we are and what we do. 

Mission Statement: 

Nuclear energy is safe, cheap, plentiful, clean, and efficient. It has the capability to stop and reverse climate change, while addressing the ever-growing demand for electricity globally. We strive to educate American citizens about this technology, and to dispel misconceptions with facts. We firmly believe that both human civilization and industrialism can easily coexist with a healthy environment.

Our Story: 

Americans for Nuclear Energy was founded in 2014 by an undergraduate

biologist. Originally interested in medical research, he became enthused by climate change activism. Having knowledge in science, and the want to protect the biological health of the planet, nuclear power advocacy became top priority. Thus, this organization was formed to spread the word and educate the American public about the benefits of nuclear energy, and to decrease scientific illiteracy on the subject.

The Team: 

Philip Ord



Phil has been passionate about science since his middle school years, loved learning about all things atomic, and wanted to be a nuclear physicist. Though, having a severe genetic illness called Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), Phil became very interested in biology and genetics. In 2010, he received a full-tuition science scholarship in biology to Regis University where he also minored in chemistry. Climate change is a pressing issue to Mr. Ord, which his studies reinforced. After realizing that post-graduate biomedical research would be difficult with his health issues, he became a science activist and started Americans for Nuclear Energy in 2014. 

D.J. LeClear

Chief Strategist


D.J. has been in nuclear power since his enlistment in the Naval Nuclear Program where he did radiochemistry and health physics aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. Currently he works in radiological emergency preparedness while pursuing a degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology. He first came to nuclear power advocacy after coming to realize the reality of climate change and the unique ability of nuclear power to dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions from electricity production. This will ensure a healthy planet for his two children. He loves learning about physics in his free time and he has an obsession with coffee and coffee roasting.

Sean Hunter

Financial Officer


In the final project of his first bachelor degree, Sean chose nuclear power as a policy research topic. He dove deep into nuclear policy and technology for months, writing and talking extensively about all things nuclear. This planted the seed, and Sean spent years familiarizing himself with reactors. Wanting to make a difference, he set out break into the space of nuclear science. He went back to school for a bachelor in nuclear engineering. During his time there, Sean became very involved in nuclear advocacy, eventually joining Americans for Nuclear Energy. He currently works as an equipment operator at Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant in Pennsylvania.

Michael "Moose" Deitrick

Media Coordinator


Michael is a nuclear power enthusiast from Idaho. As a sergeant in the Army National Guard and a former exchange student through Rotary Club International, he has had many life experiences that have given him a wide perspective of the world. He came to be an advocate for nuclear power after buying a Geiger counter and then learning more about radiation. Michael enjoys collecting radioactive items such as uranium glass, as well as doing home gamma spectroscopy. Molten Salt Reactors are what really sparked his interest in nuclear power generation, and he hopes to have a career working in the field of radiological emergency preparedness.

Ian Prado

Education Director

Ian has loved understanding patterns from a very early age. He began his pursuit of science by studying astronomy and became a regular visitor at his local observatory. In 2013, his chemistry professor explained the significance of nuclear power to his class. Ever since then, Ian has been a nuclear advocate who believes nuclear energy is necessary to enable global prosperity and combat climate change. Ian is eager to educate others on the science behind nuclear energy. One of Ian's fondest memories has been getting Bill Nye, a nuclear energy pessimist, to publicly admit that thorium molten salt reactors would be beneficial in generating Pu-238. 

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Colby Kirk

Head Writer


Colby has dedicated his life to researching methods of improving human civilization through science and technology. He arrived at the firm conclusion that nuclear energy systems are the best technology for reducing harm imposed by energy poverty, climate change, ocean acidification and many other consequences of pollution. By organizing complex issues into clear descriptions, he hopes to streamline public understanding of science and essential technologies. He is pursuing a career in science communication and educational media to help facilitate public acceptance of science. 

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Jona Adams

Podcast Producer

Alfonso Jason Simental

Technical Advisor


Americans for Nuclear Energy is an independent advocacy organization, we receive no funding from the nuclear industry or special interests. Any donations given to us are from individual citizens.

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