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Help us spread the word about nuclear power and its potential.

Sign up.

Americans for Nuclear Energy is not an official organization, yet. Sign up up to be on our e-mail newsletter list to stay up to date.

Donate to the movement.

Donate some pocket change to help us promote ourselves, maintain the website, and provide new content, such as animated YouTube videos. Right now ANE is run by six volunteers.

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Canvass in the community.

Go out and talk to the public about us and the benefits of nuclear energy for the environment. Wear an ANE hat, an ANE shirt, and a clipboard of our approved infographics found here or here.

Contact policymakers.

Even though it may seem futile, contact local, state, and federal policymakers. Officials need to know what the public needs, and we need to make our nuclear voices heard. The scope of our movement will require government support. 

Tell your friends.

Tell friends, family and acquaintances about ANE and who we are. This is the best way to help people learn about the benefits of nuclear energy. Follow us on social media.

Give a presentation.

Deliver a presention to friends, coworkers, students or anyone interested. As long as you discuss the benefits of nuclear energy in an environmental lense, great!


Click here to view an example. 

Buy merchandise.

Help us advertise our organization by buying ANE merchandise.

Educate yourself.

Arm yourself with information. Our movement's success will come from evidence and rational debate. We have some materials available.

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