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HB23-1080 [Rescheduled]

Hearing for a proposed pro-nuclear bill in the Colorado State House of Representatives! Sign up to testify in support!

here for SB23-079.



The Colorado State House of Representatives' Energy & Environment Committee is having a vote to send a bill to house floor. The bill(HB23-1080), titled “Reliable Alternative Energy Sources,” would require a feasibility study be conducted of small modular nuclear reactors in the state AND help apply nuclear as a valid source of energy under the renewable energy standard. We need pro-nuclear advocates to testify in support of moving the bill forward!


This committee hearing is now scheduled for Thursday, February 23rd at 1:30PM MST. You must sign up again to testify.


The hearing is being held at the Legislative Services Building Room A (LSB-A), located directly south of the Colorado State Capitol Building at 200 E. 14th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203. Be there in person if possible, but they also take remote testimony via Zoom.

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